Visiting the Akashic Records

Yesterday I spent the day with an energetic group of women at an energy retreat hosted by Laurie Wondra. It was a day filled with Spirit. A great way to spend 11-11, as we opened our portals for moving into higher dimensions of energy.

During one of our meditations, I found myself entering the Akashic Records library. I walked into the room of the many rows of books. My question that I had asked, prior to the meditation, was, what is next? I meant next for the world, and next for me.

So as I entered the place where all records for all human Souls are kept, where all lifetimes are transcribed, both from the past and the future, I was overwhelmed and a bit scared about what would be revealed to me. I had entered these halls before, and it is pretty overwhelming. In fact, I usually will avoid them. After all, do we really want our future revealed to us? It’s easier to go there to search a past life than future knowledge.

In my meditation, I recognized and acknowledged this little bit of fear creeping up on me, and I was assured by my guides that I was welcome to seek answers there. All are welcome to seek answers at the Akashic Records library.

So I redirected my question – what is next for our world? I was shown an image I used to have in my dreams as a little girl. It was basically our same neighborhood growing up, but it was in a parallel world, another dimension. I now understood that the world I was looking at was of the third dimension. It was gloomy and full of fear and intrepidation, broken hearts and troubling times. There was a lot of negativity surrounding the third dimension.

I then asked to see the fifth dimension. It took awhile for the image to become clear for me. In fact, it was quite white for awhile, but then my eyes adjusted and I could see the same location, but it was very bright, almost blinding. I felt like I was being shielded a bit by it, as the image never became crystal clear for me. But the feeling was of warmth, and my heart ached to go there. I was told this is where we will all arrive at, eventually.

My next question was – what is next for me? I saw myself sitting cross legged on the floor on my yoga mat. I could havve been in a yoga class or I could have been leading a circle. I was offering opportunities for others and myself to align to the higher energies. This is my purpose right now.


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