Acupuncture to Heal

Today I went for another appointment for acupuncture. I am working on healing my colitis, which has been acting up since June. More recently, it had taken a turn for the worse, so now I am using both western medicine and Chinese medicine to get to the root of the issues. It has been very effective.

When I am at acupuncture, I always have a million questions. I want to know why she inserts the needles where she does. I want to know why I feel this pain here (and there). I want to know if that “energy” I feel moving through me is my Qi. All kinds of questions.

Today I felt a bit of a breakthrough. There was a sore spot in my abdomen, and I had waves of tenderness followed by no feeling at all. And then,about 20 minutes into my treatment, there was a feeling of release, followed by a feeling of energy moving. And then all was good. I guess my Qi got corrected. LOL

Scheduled for more acupuncture next week. Hoping that this will eventually lead to the disappearance of my colitis. Good bye and good riddance to it!

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