All You Need Is Love

I am reading this book, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, about a neurologist who contracts meningitis and goes into a weeklong coma. While in this coma, he has a near death experience, which changes his whole view of how the brain works, and on life in general.

What I love about this book are the many similarities for when I had a couple of out of body experiences back over ten years ago. He was in a dark space, and then he saw light, like millions of stars in the skies, and these stars became light beings, and one became an angel who was with him for his journey. Twice I had the same experience of an angel coming to me from the stars. He talks about how it feels to be in that Heavenly place, where all you feel is love, and that sense of love is so much deeper than any feeling we might describe. It just IS, and there is no worry or fear or pain or any  other emotion there.

Alexander makes the conclusion that this life we are living is all an illusion, and to really experience the Truth, we need to fill our hearts with love. When we feel fear or anxiety or frustration or any other negative emotion, just breathe love deeply into our being. Go back to our true essence.

Today, I am reminded, All You Need Is Love.

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