The Connection

After experiencing the ultimate weather-related meltdown yesterday, I was feeling the need to go within, and I was so happy that there was a New Moon Circle gathering at my friend, Laurie’s house. What a wonderful evening it turned out to be!

I may write about other experiences during the Circle at another time, but for this morning, I want to share a deeper connection I had made.

About a year ago, I had gone to see Laurie for a private reading. During the reading, she shared that my grandfather had showed up at the end of the session, and he had a simple message: “I was a healer, too.” That was all he said or wanted me to know. He smiled, and then he was gone.

Now this was a new revelation for me, and I wasn’t sure how I could verify it. I asked my mother if she remembered my grandpa saying anything about having a gift of healing, for instance, with regard of the animals on the farm or anything like that, but she could not. So since the reading, I have done a fair bit of meditating on this information to learn more.

There was a time, when my mother was a small girl, that my grandfather left the family for a time. The family never really wanted to talk aboout it much, and my mom has few details regarding it, but the story was that he had gotten into a bit of a funk, depression, and so he went to stay with relatives up north for a few months.

This time has always been a mystery for the family, at least as the story has been retold. In my meditations, I was told that it was actually my grandfather’s gifts that had made him, and the rest of the family, think he was in the middle of a serious mental breakdown. He had had some experiences, and there had been no one to share them with, and in the rigid Catholic upbringing, it was suggested that he was hallucinating and therefore needed a break from his life for awhile.

My grandpa was a quiet man, and so there was never more said about this, to my knowledge.

This brings me back to last night’s Circle. We were discussing the planets’ alignment at this time, and the effect on people. 2013 is the year of feminine energy. We are seeing all kinds of “feminist” issues being challenged and defended right now, but the cooler head of the feminine persuasion will prevail. We are in the time of Aries. Former rules that hold us back will be challenged and broken as we break through barriers. Capricorn is present. Capricorn offers us deep, soulful challenges. We need healthy sounding boards in our immediate circle of friends to help us release this information we are taking in right now. Meanwhile, Mars has stepped in, and Mars represents a militant time of warriors and warfare. Uranus is present as well, and that brings in “hyperactive” energy, like feelings of jittery-ness. Finally, we have Pluto, which calls for revolution, as people push for change. In our horizon is Venus, which will bring in more feminine energy.

This cycle of Pluto, dread, wandering, wondering, time of unease, is meant to wear us down so our resistance to the changes to come will have less fight.┬áNow this is the important tie-in with my grandfather: we haven’t had this alignment since the 1930s, which was the time period that my grandfather experienced his gifts. And as we look at today’s world and country issues, they are very similar to the issues of the world and country back in the 30s. As it is very much the same energy cycle. What HAS changed, though, is that we are now in a higher dimension of energy, so people like my grandfather are no longer looked at as mentally ill, but are now considered gifted. Those of us who have discovered our gifts, we all have them, are being encouraged by the angels and guides, as well as by our more enlightened friends and family, to share our gifts with others. In fact, it is necessary that we do so, as we don’t want to make the same mistakes as in the 30s and 40s. We also want to pray for our leaders of the world, to embrace the feminine energy and keep cool heads and hold respect for one another.

A lot to take in, and I will be meditating on this message for awhile.


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