Amazing Energy!

Last night, I attended an energy circle at Laurie Wondra’s home. It had been a heavy energy day for me. I was feeling very agitated and out of sorts. Part of this was due to it being February. Part of this was due to menopause. But part of it can also be attributed to our moving into higher energies. I was literally experiencing the discomfort of that transition.

At the circle, Spirit spoke and explained what is going on. I live in a household of men. This higher energy is associated with the feminine or Goddess energy. The men tend to experience some struggles with this new energy. And so there is much confusion for them in this new energy. I can see that with my own guys. Especially my younger son, who is so sensitive to energy. I watch him move forward and then get stuck frequently. I have to remind him (and myself) that he is still moving forward. It can be challenging.

And while I see the struggles in my men, I have a natural tendancy to give. And so I send energy to help my guys through their own issues. And I deplete my own energy. I hadn’t thought about that before. I know when I am energetically tapped. I know when I am depleted. But I hadn’t realized how it was happening. I have been literally giving it away. And so I need to change the way I send energy to others. I need it to come from a source other than my own energy. I can ask the angels and guides to offer the healing energy that is needed in situations that call for it. When the angels spoke to me through Laurie’s channel last night, they called me, “Giving Jill.” It brought tears to my eyes because I knew it was true. They reminded me to continually build up my own energy.

Finally during our meditation last night, I had a wonderful breakthrough. I went into some very high dimensions, higher than I had been in a very long time. I was surrounded in white light, and it was very warm. I felt the presence of a guide or angel over my left shoulder. And then before me and just above, I saw a legion of beings. They were not very clear to my view, but they were there. Their energy was very good, and I knew them to be special. After the meditation, I spoke about them, and Laurie said they were the Light Beings who were with us, helping us through these changing times. It was really cool and I felt very Blessed for having the experience.


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