Last Night’s Meditation

Last night’s meditation was to invite us to meet our Spirit Guides who are working with us at this point in our lives. I met Lizbeth. At first I thought she said Isabelle, and when I repeated the name, I thought she corrected me with Elizabeth. Finally, she showed me the spelling, LIZBETH. I had to laugh because that could just as easily happen in my everyday world. Me not hearing clearly….

I had wanted to strike up a conversation with Lizbeth, but she was very clear that she was there for teaching last night. She wanted me to share some information with the group, and when she gave me the information during the meditation, I realized I had not really retained it, so she gave it to me once more. She meant busness! In fact, as I was sharing the information with the group, she continued to channel for a short bit, making sure her point for contacting your spirit guides got across to everyone.

Lizbeth shared that we have the right brain and the left brain. The right-brained thinking person is creative and intuitive, while the left-brained thinking person is more analytical. She said that it is very difficult for those on the other side to communicate with us when we are in our left-brain. So those times when we are being creative are the times when we are most likely to hear or feel those who might be trying to communicate with us on the other side. For me, it is while I am gardening, or even as I drive in the car with the music off. For another person, she said she feels the presence of Spirit while she is sewing. She can actually distinguish between her own thoughts and those ideas from Spirit. She said it is a rare day when she doesn’t thank Spirit for helping her solve a sewing mystery.

What Lizbeth wanted the group to understand is that you have to trust the ways that the other side communicates with you. We all heard or saw in different ways. After the meditation, I asked the group if they had received any names or signs from their guides. At first, no one shared anything, as if they were hesitant to trust what they experienced as evidence from the other side. But as we started talking about just what we did experience, there became some common themes. A few of us heard a deep resonating sound during the meditation. we were trying to distinguish if it came from the music. In fact, one woman felt its vibration during her meditation. Since I play that CD all the time, I had not been familiar with it until last night. I will play the music again today to see if there is still that resonating tone.

Several of us became very hot during the meditation. Very hot. For me, I thought, “Wow, I must have just had a fever spike.” It last for a minute or two. Others also said they felt it, either on their chest or across their torso. When Spirit is present, it can often get very hot.

A couple other people saw faces, but they could not make out the image of the faces clearly. Most saw one or two faces, while one of the women saw many faces comes before her and then walk away, telling her to follow them. When she trusts herself and knows that she controls the entire meditation, she might just do that.

Overall, we all had great experiences during our meditation, as we found ourselves in a comfortable place which we can visit anytime.


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