Be Careful What You Ask For…

This morning, I am reminded that the Universe is manifesting our every desire, and we must be careful for what we ask for.

I was recently in a pretty intense conversation with another woman who was struggling to FEEL emotion. Having been through so much pain, she had learned how to build a protective wall around her heart, and it had done more damage to her than protect her: it had sealed her off from experiencing the intense emotions of love and compassion. She knew this was her work, and she prays for guidance and a release of the wound daily.

But the Universe has shown that it heard her prayer to begin feeling again. At this same time that she was praying for opening her heart, a family member was diagnosed with cancer. This family is now on a difficult journey that includes raw emotions. The Universe has placed before her the opportunity to open her heart. The lesson does not get much harder than this.

My advice is to step into the emotions of this major event. Don’t be brave in front of anyone. Not even the one fighting this incredible journey. Cry when it hits you. Don’t swallow even one tear. Not in front of family, friends, or even at work or in yoga. Speak your fears. Remember fear and love belong to the same family, and your fear is so alive because your love needs a voice right now. Share share share! Tell your story about what your family is going through. Again and again and again. Remember, telling your story is part of the healing process.

This blog could be written for one person, but it can also be the story for many people. Let us send healing energy to the sick, envisioning them getting stronger and healthy again. And then let us send healing energy to the ones who are meant to learn lessons from this scary event. If we can’t learn from this, why would God place it before us? These are Earth lessons, my friends.

Let us pray.

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