Bees… my life right now!

It appears that bees have infused themselves into my life right now, and I have been working through understanding the meaning for their insistence on being in my space. Literally, MY space.

The bees have decided that my yoga studio is their preferred location, in this vast land of fading flowers and nearly harvested fields. Yep, my studio, as in, my indoor yoga studio.

It started off simply enough: I noticed a bee in the studio. Hey, that happens, especially when you live out in the country. A bee here, an Asian beetle there, a fly over there. It comes with the territory in the fall. So I didn’t think much of it.

And when I was stung by a bee while moving into child’s pose during one class, well, hey, I put my foot right on the poor bee. What was it supposed to do? So no biggie. And then I noticed a couple more bees that afternoon, so I just opened the window and let them back outside. Karma, and all that stuff, right?

Over the weekend, I started to notice more bees in the studio. I had a Saturday morning yoga class, and by the end of class, there were a few bees hanging out. Hmmm, maybe I needed to tell Jeff there might be a problem? So he investigated the “situation,” and sure enough, it appeared that they were getting into a place in the brick fireplace. So in the evening, when the bees had settled in for the night, he sprayed and then sealed that spot. We thought that was the end of it. [Insert evil laugh here.]

So of course, come Monday, I went downstairs to appraise the bee situation, and found over 40 bees in the studio! Holy cow! What to do? So I went about killing them. (I understood that karma would be involved in this, once again.) later that day, I went downstairs, and there were about 50 bees now! I knew I couldn’t keep killing them (in retrospect, I probably should have, as I think the same ones came and went in those first few days…), so I opened the window and let most of them out. That evening, Jeff went out to appraise the situation once again. It appeared that they had many such cracks along where the fireplace joined the stucco of the house. So he went about the business of caulking up both sides of the chimney, as well as some other cracks. Long, 2-week story short, the fireplace is now so well-sealed from caulking and cement and sand, there really should not be a problem, right? No, the problem is still not solved!

So being me, I am contemplating the more spiritual significance of the bees. I started reading up on bee totems. If bees show up in your life, are you working too hard, or hardly working? It depends on who you ask, lol, so I guess we can say I am balanced in that regard. Fertility? Not an issue for this gal! Sexuality? Good on that front too! Need some honey? As I said, good on that front. lol So what can it be[e]?

Yesterday, I had some time to read up on bees, trying to distinguish between the two types of bees I am seeing in the studio. In this quest, I was reading about bee colonies. In a bee colony, there is the Queen Bee, and then there are the female worker bees and the male drones, who have no stingers. Their job is to protect the Queen and keep her “happy,” while the worker bees do all the work of keeping the nest clean and fresh and full of nectar for the babies. They are the nurturers and care-givers.

So I was driving to a yoga class yesterday, and I asked for guidance from Spirit to enlighten me about the bees. And it came to me, though not in a complete picture yet. The Queen Bee represents me (hey, it’s my house, so it makes sense, right?). The worker bees are representative of the many women who come to my home for yoga classes and Women’s Circles. The drones represent the men in my household who support me and my wellness consulting business.

As I was being guided to this idea, I recalled being told by a couple of gifted women that my role is to reach out to as many people as possible to communicate with them about Spirit and to support them in their own journeys. I have been stuck on this idea all year long. I’m never quite sure what that means, and how that is supposed to play out in my life. I feel like there may have been missed opportunities, but I also think there is divine order, so I am right where I need to be at this time. It’s all so confusing to me! And so I think the bees represent the people coming into my life who are looking for guidance and support. Whether I am doing enough is always the question I have, but I respect each person on the path they have taken and would not infringe my perspective on their own experience.

I came home from yoga, fully expecting that the bees would be gone. But of course, they are still there. And so I continue to ask God and my guides, what else? What next? I will follow your lead.

The Peace in me recognizes the Peace in you.

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