Letting in the New Energy Follow-up!

So a few weeks ago we worked with opening ourselves up to the new energy coming in while releasing any energy that no longer suits our needs. In our yoga classes, we worked with opening our hearts to this new, loving energy, while releasing what no longer served us. It is all good, right?

And yet there are always lessons to be learned… I was noticing how tired out I was feeling lately. I literally could nap day and night. I couldn’t even blame it on the heat, because we were having the most beautiful days of summer yet, with temps in the 70s. My perfect weather days! So I would ask myself, why this tiredness? And I knew that it had to do with the new energy coming in.

Those who know me pretty well, know that I am already pretty “open” to energy. At some point in my life, I made an agreement to help others with their own energy, helping them release what no longer suits them. Healers do this, and I guess I am a healer. (Or so my grandfather, who has passed, exclaimed in a channel, stating I get my healing powers from him!) I’ve known over the years that I can help people heal. I’ve used it often on my husband, when he can’t sleep well, and when he is super stressed or going through life’s challenges. I’ve used it on my kids, when they have struggled through growing pains. I’ve used it on friends, offering healing during illnesses and dark days.

But not really calling myself a “healer,” I didn’t understand that, through the years, I was helping them unload their energy while taking on some of what they were releasing. Not good! So often times, when I am teaching a yoga class, I will feel a pain in my body that I don’t recognize. I have learned to ask myself, is this my pain, or someone’s in the class? If it is not my pain, I ask for the pain to be released from my body. Nine times out of ten, it goes away. Go figure! It just took me about 3 years to figure THAT out!

When you are sensitive to the energy around you, it can also be the energy from the Earth. I have often said that I feel like Mother Earth, holding the world in my hands. It is just a sense I get, like I can relate to her. So when naturally occurring events happen, likes storms and hurricanes and tornadoes, I often feel that energy building up in my body. And as they pass, I feel a great release, just as the calm after the storm.

So to get back on topic and review the past couple weeks: I am working on opening our hearts in yoga (11 classes a week!) as well as being sensitive to the energy of others and the earth.

That brings us to yesterday. I was physically and mentally feeling overwhelmed. I had called up my girlfriend in the morning, asking her if I could come over and help her move. I couldn’t sit in the house anymore, I explained. I was just so agitated. So I went over and helped her pack boxes, and that helped, but I still did not feel any release.

Then I went to my 1:30 massage appointment. When I got into Jin’s home, she asked how I was, and, uncharacteristic for me, I said I was not doing so well. I explained that I felt like I was holding the whole world in my hands, and I just didn’t have the strength. I told her I felt like I needed to cry, and I am not a crier. As I was talking, I kept wiping my arms and lap down, releasing any cords of energy that were from others that had globbed onto me. (She probably wondered what I was doing but was too kind to ask. LOL) She listened to my story and gave me permission to cry, and I figured that I probably would, during the massage, as I often have breakthroughs there.

Not long into the massage, I felt this great release; it was nearly an out of body experience, but it was more like I hovered on the edge of the OBE. I kept hoping I would go there, but I didn’t. So I felt a few of those surges, and I also received a message about the heart chakra. I was told to remember to close my heart chakra after working with it, as I am so susceptible to the energies. Good reminder, and it makes me think I REALLY need to work with anothr healer who can teach me the tricks to not taking in others energy.

As I left from my massage, i felt so much lighter, In fact, I told Jin I was feeling a bit light-headed, which I don’t usually have that experience after a massage. But I truly was in a wonderful state of release. A great massage, and a lesson learned. I can’t ask for anything more!

So I went back to helping my friend, and then went home to shower and prepare for the evening yoga class. I worked with the heart chakra again, and then closed it when we were in our meditation. It felt good and right. I was feeling good.

And then, later in the evening, I turned on the news and learned that there had been an earthquake in the eastern US region. At 1:30, our time. NO WONDER I had been suffering and feeling like I was holding the whole world in my hands! And no wonder I found a release and had some light-headedness afterward! The energy of the Earth had released during the earthquake, and it had released for me as well!

In life, I look for coincidences that confirm I am on my Spiritual path. Yesterday was a day of huge confirmation for me.

Wishing you Peace in your Hearts.

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