Today starts the new summer session of yoga! It is always so fun to take our yoga practice outdoors. To be in the Earth elements is very calming. Listening to the birds chirp, feeling a breeze on our bodies, smelling the freshness of each morning and evening, seeing the occasional wildlife… these are simply Heaven.

I am so excited to add some new classes to our summer schedule this year. A very popular class is Five Tibetan Rites. This class will help keep us YOUNG! It is a wonderfully simple routine that I hope the women will incorporate into their daily life, once the summer is over.

Another new class is Partner Yoga! This class will help us take our practice to the next level, as we adjust our partners and receive adjustments from them. We can take the pose lessons we learn into our individual practice as well. There will also be some fun partner options for poses, so I really look forward to the class!

Our sun salutations series is a one-night event this year, on the eve of the summer solstice. We will move through our sun salutations and then have a little celebration afterward, as we welcome in the summer. I’m looking forward to that night!

This summer will offer us many times to take our practice outdoors, to BE a part of the outdoors. I can’t wait to share these experiences with you!

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