Touch What Is Dear To You

I was reading today’s meditation and had to laugh out loud when I thought of how one of my yoginis might react to it. The meditation says we should not count objects in our heads but instead touch each item as we count them. I could hear her teacher voice in my head, disagreeing with this premise.

However, the point is a very good one. As soon as we begin to touch an item, it brings it to life. Our touch adds feelings and emotions to the item. If we just merely look at the item without touching it, we take out the emotions attached to the item. It’s like watching the television news; we see people getting hurt and killed for the entire news period, and yet we rarely do more than shake our heads at the sadness. However, if any of those events occurred in our own space, near us, our reaction would be quite different. Our emotions would be higher.

This emotional reaction to life events reminds us of our “humanness.” It reminds us of our purpose here on Earth: spiritual beings having a human experience.

My understanding is that today will be another emotionally charged day, similar to yesterday. So let’s recognize our emotions, be in them, and then release ourselves from reacting to any over-sensitivities.

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