Channeled Message

Listen, children, for your world is making some really big changes now.It’s important to stay centered and balanced during these changes. It is easy to get caught up in the energy of the day, but you must let go of your ownership of events and let them play out. By allowing the events to play our you will all bear witness to them and fully understand what is happening on the world stage. ¬†You are only seeing what appears in front of you, distorted by your media, and you are not aware of both the hard work and also the sinister work going on behind the televised events. Do not be afraid, because there are people working for your own good, and this includes my angelic helpers and planetary helpers who are assisting as well. In fact some of you are involved as you work with the angels and offer your assitance to be a conduit or channel of their energy.

All is in divine order, and you must not fret over this. It is important to remain detached. You do not have any control over this. Your influence is how you stay calm during the storm, keeping others from getting overly upset.

I will remind you of Jesus, who worked with the poor during his lifetime on Earth. He taught you many lessons which you were asked to follow his example. Helping the poor is one of them. Healing the sick is another. Feeding the hungry is another. Caring for the elderly, yet another. These are the lessons that Jesus taught you, and I ask you to examine the events of your days. I ask that you set aside your political positions and look toward the candidates who support these basic elements of Jesus’ teachings: caring for the poor, sick, elderly, hungry. That is the job of society. That is the job of those who follow me.

Look into your heart, and ask yourself that question. Who is taking care of the people? Let that thought guide you in the days ahead.


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