In the Spirit of Spur and Strike

Anyone who knows me, knows I look for the deeper meaning to events in the world and in my own personal life. So I have been waiting patiently for the reason why my two dear kitties have come into our lives. We weren’t looking to be cat owners again, and truly, if Yogi and Boo Boo didn’t have such loving personalities, we would have found them new homes right away. Yet, they attached to all of our hearts right away, and I knew there must be some reason why.

Today, I think I am closer to understanding their coming to us. I think they are the incarnations of our dearly departed dogs, Strike and Spur. Now hear me out…

Strike was the lovebug. All he wanted was our approval. He liked to hang with us. While he was a good hunter, he wasn’t a great hunter, because his intentionwas always to please us. His instinct was not so much to chase birds as it was to make Jeff and the boys happy out in the field. He would have been just as content lying by their side as they shot the birds, especially in his older years.

Spur, on the other hand, would have his nose to the ground the entire time he was with us. He was always sniffing for the hunt and looking for something to chase up. His biggest problem hunting is that he was TOO aggressive. He often would get ahead of Jeff in his eagerness, chasing up birds before Jeff was ready for them or too far ahead for Jeff to shoot at them. Spur loved to chase snakes and terrorize them. He would shake them until they died and then leave them in the yard for us to deal with. I am pretty sure he was also mousing for us. Spur loved the hunt first, but he always checked in with us to make sure we were watching with approval.

Boo Boo seems to be the spirit of Strike. He is my lovebug. He hunts for the fun of it, but he stands back and let’s his sister do most of the work. He is more content checking in with us and hanging out on our laps, soaking in our approval.

Yogi definitely has the spirit of Spur. Right down to her hunting snakes and bringing them to the house. And she is always hunting, chasing whatever moves. She will check in for a hug and a pet, and then off she goes again. She is aggressive and more independent, like Spur had been.

We can never prepare enough for the loss of our beloved pets, and I think that they know that they are loved and missed. Out in the country, where we live, it is the good life for a dog or cat. It makes sense to me that Spur and Strike would choose to come back to our home, this place that brought them so much joy, entertainment, and love. And I guess they must have secretly envied Dunny, our cat, for the ease for which she moved through her days and the independence we allowed her. Otherwise, wouldn’t they have come back as dogs? lol

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