Compassionate Healing

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has a meditation practice called tong-len that asks us to breathe in the suffering of the world, to hold it in with compassion, and then to breathe out light. This speaks to the amazing power of healing that is within all of us.

Many years ago now, during August workshop week at school, a teacher was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was scheduled to start radiation very soon. I had a dream the night I heard this. The dream told me that we, the staff, needed to make her a healing quilt. We each needed to bring a piece of material from some article of cloth that held special meaning for us. I used a piece from an old nightie that I loved and that I had worn when my boys were babies. Another woman took a piece from an old pillow case that she had saved from childhood. Most people had real significance like this, while a few others brought pieces from clothing they had outworn, which was also great, since it held their energy in it. I told them they must infuse love into the piece before bringing it to school. Another staff member said she could sew together the quilt, and the principal bought the backing for the quilt.

We presented this quilt to the woman, ironically on 9/11 after both towers went down. She used it during her radiation treatments. She said she could feel the love and compassion that went into the quilt, and it gave her great comfort as she felt herself healing. She is now 12 or 13 years breast cancer free.

Scientists have studied how the brain has the power to do miraculous things, include induce healing in the body. Others like myself, think that there is another element that is involved, and that is the element of Spirit. When we bring the power of prayer to our ailments, there is the ability to heal as well.

I’m not suggesting abandoning modern medicine. These are gifts that our advanced Souls have been given through our hard work and dedication to healing. But in our advancement, we cannot forget the work of the Divine and our own intuitive healing ability. That is far more advanced and superior, if we have the focus and dedication to using these healing tools.

I was told that I am a healer. I know this has been the case, but I have not dedicated myself to intuitive healing yet. I can feel others pain, and I have learned how to separate it from my own. (Otherwise I take in everyone’s pain, which can be very unpleasant, especially in an environment with lots of people.) I can focus on healing another, and with their highest good in mind, and with permission from their Soul, I can bring a healing to them. But I know there is more to be done in that area, for me.

But here is the important message: YOU are also capable of being a healer. We all are. We all have this gift inside us, just waiting to be developed. And we develop it by dedicating ourselves to being more compassionate.

If compassion is a new concept for you, perhaps you need to understand what it really is. When we care for one other person, it is considered love. When we care for large groups of people or the entire world, it is considered compassion. So when the Tsunami hit Japan, compassion was spread across Japan but also across the world, as many people from around the world sent loving energy to that region.Compassion is just love for those who may not have a significant role in our lives.

Are you ready to work with your intuitve healing abilitiies through compassion? Yep, I am too.

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