Girlfriend Day

Yesterday was Girlfriend Day. I was able to spend a few hours with my besties, which was a rare occurance. In fact, I still had a birthday present for one friend that was three months past due. We laughed because it is a living plant and it is overdue to be transplanted to a bigger pot.

I was reminded how important my girlfriends are to my entire being. My energy lifts in their presence. We laugh so much, and we also get caught up on how our parents’ health is. We are that generation, after all, caring for parents. I am reminded how thankful I am for my own parents good health at this point in their lives.

We ate Chinese, which I always love, because we share dishes. I love the communal aspect of eating Chinese. All dishes sit in the middle of the table and are passed around again and again. There is lively discussion in the communal meal. Did I mention I love it?

After our lunch, I stopped at the DQ to pick up a malt for another one of our besties that completes this group. She had surgery and was still in the hospital, so we went to visit her, with her requested malt in hand! It has been so long, it seems, since the four of us were together, and we had a great time sharing our various summer stories. Another friend joined us, and so we stayed a bit longer to get caught up in her life.

I am always amazed at how easy life flows among the presence of women. Oh, I know there are some women who are interested in attracting drama, but I just don’t draw into their energy anymore. I really have a group of well-grounded friends. We all have our moments of being thrown off balance by life events, but we know the others are our anchor as we weather out the storm. That is the essence of this group of women that I cherish so much.

If you don’t have a group of friends who provide this balance and stability to your life, I suggest you look for them. I think it’s important for all of us to have more than one person we can count on in our lives.

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