Dealing with Old Issues

We are going through some interesting energy these last few weeks, and it looks like it will be staying with us for awhile. In this energy, we are now being pushed to release any old issues that we have. For most of us, we are questioning why these issues have re-appeared. Many of us thought we had dealt with them already.

It’s not that we hadn’t dealt with the issues already. It’s that we are are going deeper into them. These are life lessons, and though many of us thought we had worked through them on all levels, we are learning that life lessons are just that: lessons for our lifetime. Like an onion, we have peeled away many different layers of these issues, but like an onion, there are more layers underneath. This is a huge spiritual growth time for us, and we shouldn’t get discouraged.

The way we can help ourselves through this time is to breathe, meditate and be in nature. Putting all three of those elements together is even better! Breathing will help us to calm down the body. We may be noticing our hearts beating faster, or we may be in a state of alertness or even anxiety. Breathing is the physical way to help ourselves out.

Mentally, we should increase our meditation time. Many of us are aware that there is significance to the year 2012. It’s not a doomsday year; it is a shift. We are shifting into higher energy, which is good. And so as we rid ourselves of old energy which cannot be held in the new energy, we can find mental clarity in meditation. I just read this morning that in 2012 we are asked to meditate for 20 minutes a day. If we are busy, we should meditate for 60 minutes a day! Wow! Not what we were expecting, huh? Let’s get meditating.

Being in nature is also settling for our bodies and minds. If you are feeling nervous energy, take yourself outdoors, if only for a few moments. It will do the Soul wonders. Give yourself a few moments to become one with nature: still, quiet, and at peace. You can practice your breathing and even still your mind enough for meditation.

At the Outdoor Yoga classes, I offer all three of these components: breathing, meditation, and being in nature. It truly does help us shift our energy and calm us. If it works for your schedule, come check out a class. It will be the best thing you ever did this summer!


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