What Is Really “Mine?”

How many times do we refer to our loved ones as “mine?” “My” boys, “my” husband, “my” mom… All of these references, as though we actually own them! Buddhism teaches us that it is poisonous to try to own another living being. It sickens the Spirit. And yet we live in a culture that prides itself of its collections of things and people.

A part of the energetic “letting go” that we are experiencing right now has to deal with our wanting to “own” another person or situation. Instead of being present in this current situation, we seek another. That situation which we thought we had already moved on from in our lives. We are feeling this spiritual sickness. It shows up as anxiety, a discontentedness, the need to control something or someone, to protect it/them.

We really don’t own any person or situation. The reality is that they are out of our control. We truly are not in control; that is God’s job. The sooner we can accept that, the easier this transition time will be.

We can watch our words, trying to eliminate the words “my” and mine” from our vocabulary. As we do so, we might feel the shift, as we slowly recognize that the only thing we CAN control is our own actions, and let’s face it: we have minimum control there too.

Again, I remind you to breathe deeply during this time. Get outside into nature and take her into your cells. Find 20 – 60 minutes of meditation each day. We are all right where we need to be right now, and this advice I offer will just help us get through these next few months.


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