Does Osama Bin Laden’s Death Really Matter? Yes.

Like everyone else, I have been caught up in the discussion on the death of Osama Bin Laden. But I come to this discussion from a more spiritual perspective. After 9/11, we were told by our government to be fearful, diligent, skeptical, observant of any deviances of our fellow human beings, etc. We watched the terror alerts at the bottoms of our TV screens for so long that orange level no longer carried any significance. In other words, we had adjusted to the fear so much it was permeated into our beings, perhaps at the cellular level.

On Sunday evening, I watched the news and heard the newscasters saying that OBL had been killed, and it struck me in a logical way, as did it affect most around the world to. But when the president said the words that OBL had been killed, I felt a deep emotional reaction that had nothing to do with logic. I actually was weeping a bit, and I couldn’t explain it logically. I spoke with some friends of mine who are equally sensitive to the energies around us, and they had the same experience. So what was it? After a bit of Soul-searching, I learned that the fear that we had been harboring since 9/11 had been released.

There is a very important message that I get from this event, and I am meant to share it. We still have this “hole” or space to fill from the release of fear. It is very important that we do not replace it with more fear or anger (i.e. what will be the retaliation? skepticism over whether this really happened or if we are being duped). Instead, we need to fill that space with peace and love. We need to breathe in the thought of taking peace and love into our bodies, and we need to breathe out the thought of sending peace and love out to others. I believe this is very important, for the ultimate survival of humankind.

That’s my perspective.

Sending you peace and love!

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