Calling on Our Planetary Helpers

Our upcoming Women’s Circle is on Planetary Helpers, and as I had planned it, I didn’t realize the personal impact that our crazy world might have on me, on my little corner of the world.

Our home was recently broken into, and on some level, I knew this was coming. In fact, I had just heard about the neighbor’s home being broken into, and I had started preparing for more security around our own home. Little did I know that I would get less than 5 hours to act on what was necessary to protect us. But then, I also figured this was something that was meant to occur.

Meant to occur? What does that mean? Did I leave the house open and available for strangers to take what they wish? No. In fact, I had gone around the home checking locks, etc. before leaving that morning. Locks didn’t matter, and I’m not sure that the security system would have been a deterant either.

I have called on protection for my home for the past few years. In fact, I have asked that all who come into the home for my business are loving, caring Souls who will bring that same energy to the groups that gather. However, why hadn’t I thought about the other people who might come to the home? A bit of a loophole, I guess. Perhaps this is a lesson to be learned, or an opportunity to share my own experience and reaction to the event.

I continue to amaze myself that I am not angry about having my personal space violated. I admit that I am a bit more alert. Just a few minutes ago, the dogs started barking like mad, and right away I thought, “Who’s out there?” Turns out, Jeff was banging on the furnace downstairs, and the dogs heard the loud noise and barked. Common actions and reactions, but my perspective is slightly tainted right now. I see that.

But why aren’t I more upset? Angry? Frightened? Depressed? I believe it is because I am coming from a place of knowing that I have a wonderful support system that is taking care of me and my family and friends, and that this may have been an opportunity to share with others how to keep the calm during craziness.

Our Women’s Circle on Monday, March 7 will be a discussion on our Planetary Helpers and how they can assist us during crazy times. Hmmm, perfect timing, wouldn’t you say?

For more information on attending the Women’s Circle, see the navigation item Circles.



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