Fear is a powerful emotion, and it keeps us from moving forward. We deal with fear in our lives on a regular basis. We are fearful of not finding love. We are fearful of not finding the right job, the right house, the right opportunity to advance ourselves. With our fear comes our doubts, and with our doubts, we hesitate, we stay stuck. After all, we are unsure.

When I knew that I needed to change careers, it was fear that kept me from doing it right away. I put myself on a time frame. That was actually a good way to deal with this big fear, by setting small goals toward making the change I wanted but was afraid to do.

Many people are afraid right now. They are afraid for our country. They are either polarized to fear one party taking over this next election or the other party continuing on. Our politicians have learned how to capitalize on this fear. Most of us get caught up in it, whether we are political or not.

How do we work through our fears? Little steps. Set little goals toward the world you wish to create. If you need to change your career, start planning how to do this. Start networking and exploring your options. If you need to change your friends, add one new friend at a time. If you need to change where you live, start searching the internet for possiblities in your budget.

By taking little steps, we start to walk away from our fears. We take control of our lives, rather than let fear be in control.

What fear do you have in your life? What do you wish to change? What is one small step you can take toward this goal?

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