Many of us are familiar with positive affirmations. We use them as we set upon the course of self-improvement. We use them to set goals for ourselves. We use them to take ourselves out of our current situation and into a more pleasing situation.

Positive affirmations work well because they keep us in the present, rather than projecting into our future. We don’t say, “I wish I had the perfect job for me.” Instead we say, “I am moving myself toward the perfect job.” Positive affirmations places our foot on the path of our dreams and aspirations.

I would go one step further with positive affirmations. We actually ARE what we desire, we just have not seen ourselves as capable and so, until this point, we have been the ones holding ourselves back. It allows us to see our own role in preventing ourselves from forward progress.

The key words for any positive affirmation are “I am.” Because right now, we are whatever we desire, merely because it is our desire. We have already taken that step forward by thinking it. Now the question is, do we really believe we are capable of our desires?

The answer is yes, of course. We are capable of anything we set our intentions toward.

When I was sick with ulcerative colitis, I feared that it could actually kill me. I saw my weight dropping off, and I wondered if an end was in sight. As part of my then-daily mantra, I repeated, “I am healthy.” I decided to not be defined by my illness. I AM a healthy person – I eat well, I sleep well, I don’t drink or do drugs. I am healthy. I was already on my way to good health, by doing all these things, so it was only a matter of time before the colitis would be done with my body and clear up. In the meanwhile, I learned what I could about colitis, I learned what my triggers were, and how I could prevent another flare-up. I was moving myself toward perfect health.

Are you moving yourself toward your heart’s desire? Why are you preventing yourself from achieving it? On Saturday, September 8, I am hosting a women’s circle on Living an Abundant Life. Using positive affirmations helps us set our course. The rest of the workshop provides the steps toward achieving our goals. Please contact me if you wish to attend.

I am healthy.

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