Feeling the Crunch

Jeff and I are among the Sandwich Generation now. We have kids who are not completely independent from us yet, and we have parents who are becoming more dependent on us. It’s an interesting position to be in.

Our kids still live at home, while they try to get financially stable establishing careers and paying off debt. Meanwhile, the parents are financially stable but need assistance with some of their tasks like doctor visits and grocery shopping. Jeff’s dad is more dependent on his children because his health condition is more severe.

I am just entering this generational sandwich gap, as my parents have been quite independent until recently. However, these past few weeks, as Mom was diagnosed with a heart condition, it became apparent that some lifestyle changes were necessary, and I have offered to help in any way I can. Taking her to appointments is necessary so two people can understand what is going on in these very important appointments.

Meanwhile, the younger generation in my sandwich is getting itchy to become more independent from us. I welcome that. I remember how it was, when I was young and seeking more independence. And I was married by the time I was both of my kids’ ages.

I am okay with offering my parents more assistance at this point in their lives. I think about how much they helped Jeff and me when we were raising our kids, babysitting and helping out in a pinch. This is the least I can do.


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