Spiritual Journeys

This weekend, I reconnected with a new friend whom I hadn’t heard from for a few months, and I have to say, my heart was SINGING when I saw her Facebook page become active again! I messaged her to see if she was indeed around, and she was. Soon, I, and many of her other friends, were messaging her to see what she had been up to. She was very missed by so many people!

She said that she had taken a change of direction this winter, cancelling a standing trip she typically took in winter, and went on a spiritual journey instead. I am so anxious to hear about her journey. I know that when I went on my own spiritual quest, it was so exciting, but also scary, and to be honest, it almost broke up my marriage, as my husband was not in the same place as me at that time. But what I learned from that time about Spirit makes me understand that I needed to go on that journey.

I can’t wait to hear about my friend’s journey. Have you ever taken a spiritual journey? What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about Spirit? What did you learn about others?

Shanti (Peace)

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