Listen to Our Hearts

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to discuss this thing called life. You take it so seriously! It is meant to be a joy, to bring you joy. You are not meant to worry your way through life. You are not meant to be in angst throughout your life. Stop that! Stop playing those messages in your head that say you are not good enough, that others aren’t good enough. Start listening with your heart! Everything you need to know, you will find the answers in your heart.

This is not your fault, your being in tune with your head and not your heart. It is the value that your society places on its people. But it is not real. The mind is a very creative place, and if you allow your mind to dictate your feelings, you will get caught up in its creative web and start to form a world that is outside the world of our Father. The One resides in the heart. The heart is what connects us all, not our minds.

The issues that trouble you: listen to your heart instead of your head. Your heart will tell you that this issue is not so big. Your heart will make you feel compassion toward the issue or person. You can send that person or issue love in their resolution of whatever it is they are going through. Or you can offer yourself love and compassion. Those are the energies of the heart.

It’s time to teach others about this love and compassion. It’s time to share this tool, as so many people are spending too much time in their brains and need to step out of their brains. It’s time to give the heart its predominant place in your world.


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