Full Moon Energy

Tonight is the Full Moon. That means Moon Salutations in tomorrow’s yoga classes!

What is the energy of the Full Moon? Are people truly affected by the Full Moon? The short answer is, yes. As I mentioned in a previous blog, just ask ER workers or teachers if people are affected by the Full Moon. Remember that our bodies are composed mostly of water (60-75%, based on articles I’ve read). The Moon has a gravitational pull on the tides of our great oceans. The Moon moves the great waters of the world, and it has this same affect on us.

I found this great article by Lynda Forman regarding the Moon’s energetic affect. Enjoy!

How to Bring Full Moon Energy into Your Life

Each month, the moon changes, and so do you. While the changes are subtle at first, it’s eventually clear that you are different than you were at the start of the month. You might have the same job, the same family, and the same bank account, but you change, even when you don’t realize it.

During the time when the moon’s energy is high, this is a time when the energy is right for learning what you might accomplish next, what direction you might need to take. With the energy being high, you may want to:

Listen to your dreams – Dreams during the time of the full moon can be powerful and filled with messages. Write down your dreams in the morning, before you get out of bed to see what you might learn about your life.

Think about what you want – In this time of fullness, consider all of the things you still want in your life. What do you want to bring into fullness?

Notice the changes in your life – This is a good time to also notice the changes in your life. What has shifted? What has been altered?

By looking at your life like a continuous cycle of tides, you can begin to change the way that these changes feel when they’re happening. No longer are changes scary since each ebb returns to flow, and each flow returns to ebb – waxing and waning over and over.

The Full Moon: A Time for Gratitude

The fullness of the moon is a time of remembering all that you have in your life. Take some time to sit with yourself, possibly in the moonlight, to consider the riches you have. In days when it seems you can never have enough, recognizing and acknowledging what you do have can be a powerful experience.

Make a list of things for which you are grateful – Stop during the full moon to take an inventory of the things in your life that make you feel full and happy.

Give thanks to yourself for change – Allow yourself to be grateful for the things that have changed, whether positive or negative.

During the full moon, you have an opportunity to realize how full your life is and how much fuller it can become. It’s the natural cycle of life and one that can be celebrated.


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