Today I am extremely grateful! Yesterday morning, we realized our kitties were both gone. After calling and searching for them for quite a while, I had to leave, with no kitties in sight. Upon my return a couple hours later, I decided to lay my yoga blanket out on the lawn and see if I could hear their mewling over the wind that was ruffling up the leaves pretty well. I finally heard one kitty. It was BooBoo, and he was up in a tree. He jumped down and ran to me. We pretty much hung out all afternoon together. He would go stand by the corn and call for Yogi, to no avail.

I ran to town to run some errands, and I stopped by my sister’s house to get a dog crate. I was not taking any more chances, fearing that Yogi may have been taken by a coyote or owl or hawk. Last night, I got him trained to sleep in the garage, in the crate, for the first time. It went well.

This morning, I took BooBoo out to eat and go to the bathroom. I thought I heard a mewling. I started talking and mewling back. All of a sudden, I saw Yogi hanging from one of the far trees, near the corn field. Down he plumped! He came running to me. As he ran across the yard, I was reminded of an image that flashed before my eyes before I went to sleep last night. The image was exactly the same thing: Yogi running across the yard to come to me. When I had the image last night, I said a quick prayer that it would come true.

Today my prayers, as well as the many others praying for Yogi, came true.

I am extremely grateful!

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