Intellect vs Intuitiveness

We all need to touch down with the source of life, again and again, in order to brighten enough to continue. Whether we make our way by playing or listening to music, my meditating, by painting, or loving, or reading stories to our children, or to our friends’ children, or to ourselves – when we close our minds like tired eyes and surrender our hearts like mouths thirsted open, we come upon a common source where nothing need be approved or accepted, where no rejection or criticism need be overcome. The experience itself is all the authority we need.
Mark Nepo

From time to time, we all experience that feeling of “being in our element.” That time when we feel at ease, natural in our surroundings, happy with the experience, more than likely creatively expressing who we are. No one looks over our shoulder offering “suggestions” for improvement of the task at hand. No one judges how we are spending this period of time. There is not a sense that others don’t approve of how we spend this time. We are our own authority.

This is a time when we are creatively manifesting. We lay the ground work for coming fully into our Truth: who we are.

In yoga this week, we are working with the sixth chakra, the brow chakra, which is commonly called the third eye chakra. It is the source of our creativity. It has the dual energy of manifesting our intellect while also manifesting our intuitiveness. As with all our chakras, we seek to balance those two elements of ourselves.

Many of us think, in this modern world, that our intellect needs to be stronger than our intuitiveness. We reward the intellect with bigger pay checks and higher esteem among friends. However, without the duality of intuition, we lack creativity. And without creativity, we become stagnant in our intellect. Creativity feeds the intellect. Perhaps more importantly, our intellect feeds our creativity.

Scientists are a perfect example. They have made more discoveries just through following through with a creative thought. Today’s scientists are looking at the energy that intuits have been aware of for so long – the chakra and prana energy of the Indian/yoga, the Qi energy of the Chinese – and learning more about these waves of energy that we often feel but cannot see. Quantum Physics is the study of this energy. Geneticists are studying our DNA, and they have discovered a gene that they think is the God gene, our connection to Spirit. This research encompasses behavioral genetic, neurobiological and psychological studies.

The question for ourselves is this: do we align ourselves with one aspect of the brow chakra and not the other? Do we give more power to the intellect, while stagnating the intuit? Or is the reverse true for us? (This is very rare; most of us underutilyze our intuition.)

Coming into our element, we are our own authority. No one tells us what to do or what to think. In this environment, we are able to connect to our creativity, to develop our intuitiveness. How often do you dwell in your creativity?

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