Our Garden of Life

This is my favorite time of the year! (Well, to be honest, I say that in the fall as well, but I really do enjoy this time of the year, a lot!) This is the time of year when I begin planting my flowers and arranging my gardens and outdoor furniture. I open the house up to the outdoor rooms of deck, patio, and gazebo. I take my pictures from Better Homes and Gardens and make beautiful potted plants from those designs.

The trees go from a fuzzy looking green to full bloom. The flowering trees show off their fragrant flowers. The apple trees bloom, and the lilac trees bud. (Not so much, this year, after such a hard winter and confusing spring.) The strawberry plants are flowering right now, and the honeysuckle is in full bloom.

We see new life at this time of year as well. As I drive along the country roads, there are baby geese following their parents, baby ducks followig their parents, and baby birds singing from their nests in the trees.

The evenings are warm, and the mornings begin to lose their crispness. The sun feels HOT, and the moon seems closer.

As we see and feel the effects of newness in spring, it reminds us to check in with our own lives. What are we creating right now? In yoga, we remind ourselves that now is the time to take energy into our poses and time on the mat. We re-commit ourselves to our practice. We challenge ourselves to try new poses. We breathe the fresh air into our full lungs. In our outdoor classes, we appreciate the sun on our faces and backs.

Spring is a special time for us. What grows in your garden of life?

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