The dream is awakened when thinking
I love you, and life begins
when saying I love you,
and joy moves like blood
when embracing someone with love.
Mark Nepo

This year, I adopted a theme for my business: JOY! I ask my clients to embrace the concept of JOY in each class and through my newsletters. We are reminded to find JOY in the simple expressions of life, but we are also challenged to find JOY in the most troublesome aspects of life.

I’ve never really defined JOY, expecting that people understand the meaning of the word. However, this morning, while reading The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo does just that. Joy begins with a thought and flourishes into a loving embrace. Only when we are ready to lovingly embrace another, can we feel complete JOY! It is our contact with another person that brings us the emotion, JOY.

This weekend is Mother’s Day. If you are a mother, embrace your children with JOY. If you are a daughter or son, embrace your mother with JOY. Let them feel the depth of your love for them.

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