Walking a Labyrinth

Last night’s Women’s Circle was at the Glendale Methodist Church in Savage. They have an outdoor labyrinth that is available for public use. (I was told this by the church secretary, so it is confirmed that anyone can use it.)

A labyrinth is a walking meditation. You begin the labyrinth with a question, and as you walk through the maze, you remind yourself to release any of your busy thoughts so inspiration might come in and answer your thoughts, or guide you to a new thought.

I had told the ladies that if they did not have a question, they could ask a generic “What is my purpose?” since that could address either the here and now or address future purpose. That is the question that I asked.

So as I got close to the entrance, I already started getting information about the purpose for the evening. I was reminded by Spirit that my work is to bring women together in a safe environment to discuss their experiences in life. To share their pain and grief, as well as to find JOY through it all. I am to remind them that there is JOY in the suffering, and that we came to Earth to experience these tough emotions, as there are no emotions like it on the other side. Earth is a place for our spiritual growth.

I was told that the gathering last night was perfect for building a community of support. “Community” was the word that I kept hearing.

And then I was reminded that I need to continue to reach out to more people. More people need to hear this message and feel supported. It has been awhile, but the idea of “radio program” came back to me. Ugh! I just can’t see that happening. But in a dream last night, I watched a woman tape a live podcast, and I was told in my dream that I could do something like that. Okay, maybe this summer, I will explore that some more. Scary. But exciting at the same time.

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