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I am not sure how many of you get her newsletters, but she always hits home for me regarding the Earth changes and our own evolutionary changes. This is her New Year’s post, and it is quite lengthy, so read it over here, and then comment about it over in the forums. I’ll start us off.

NOTE: You will probably need to read it in parts, as it holds so much information. Read some, and then take a little walk and digest the information. 🙂

2010…The Year of Creativity, Manifestations, and Self-Expression

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

And what a very different and exciting new year it “can” be for many of us (smile). 2010…the year of creativity, manifestations, and self expression. Or in other words, the beginning of the creation of the New World, as the first phase of the ascension process is finally complete and very over.

Where are we then, at this particular moment in time, how did we indeed get here, and where are we headed?

Although it may feel as though nothing much has been occurring of late, or perhaps there has been a great lull, there has indeed been a great amount of restructuring and preparing occurring for our very next phase.

The separation of the worlds occurred in September, so then, it really has not been too long since we broke off from the old reality and ventured into a very new one. This separation created enormous movement for the New Planet Earth, as she was pushed into a very new groove in the universe, now occupying a space within a very new and higher vibrating position.

During this time, anything and everything residing upon and within the earth was also pushed out of its old groove. An enormous amount of energy was required to create this movement, and many of us felt it with great intensity. During this time, everything was pushed, so any dormant or remaining darkness within us was moved up and out as well (just when we thought that most of our internal purging was over for awhile!). This was a massive undertaking and a monumental event.

Immediately preceding this process that pushed us into a very new location, many of us found ourselves in new homes, either through new changes with our current homes, or through literally moving to very new locations on the planet. Many were placed in new residences in order to be placed in spaces of peace, serenity, and comfort for the times to come. So then, there were many who arrived somewhere very new, only to feel as though nothing much occurred after their arrival, leaving many bewildered and perhaps even let down, but even so, things were indeed progressing on track at the higher and deeper levels. There was deep movement occurring, and it does take time to play out with all steps required.

So then, after the new locations were complete, or even for some, staying in their current locations, the massive movement occurred. After the earth and all her inhabitants arrived in a very new space, a grounding was then felt. A beautiful let down and time for a brief rest. And did many of us ever need it! We had indeed arrived somewhere very new.

This feeling of let down and grounding was brief, as after the earth arrived in her very new space in the cosmos, she then began a process of tilting in order to complete her alignment. This tilting process could be felt as up, and then down. Or high, and then low. And all the while, higher energies were present to create and assist with this process, and these higher energies moved even more energy within and without.

Darkness could then be felt. Depression, self-loathing, great negativity and futility, and panic and anxiety were but some of the symptoms of higher energy arriving and hitting any remaining lower vibrating energy within us. This higher energy resulted from our very new position in the cosmos. In addition, because we need to be prepared internally for this very new phase, most of us still had personal energies which needed to be balanced and aligned as well. At the same time, because we were really grounding into the New Earth now with our higher vibrating energy and the earth’s higher vibrating energy, very old and ancient energies of darkness that had been dormant beneath the surface of the earth, were also moved out of their old grooves. I can remember days of simply driving down the road and seeing these energies floating up and out of the earth’s surface, and thinking what a strange time it is!

But even more was occurring as well, as the massive pushing and re-aligning literally pushed energies together that would indeed be divinely connecting in times to come. Add to this, higher vibrating energies arriving through our crown chakras and creating massive sinus and head pressures, along with allergies and strange colds, and it is no wonder that we needed a break somewhere! There was so much going on at this time, that any regular or normal pattern was nearly impossible to report. I can remember feeling that a daily WINGS post was what was really needed!

We have been literally grounding now, in small and incremental steps since the separation of the worlds occurred in September of 2009. This process was due to arrive on the solstice of June, 2009, but as I have written now so many times (get ready for some old and boring energy here…;), at our soul levels, we decided to separate from the old reality. Enough time had been given to all souls residing there, to open and expand, and this then, created a delay of six more months (on top of the added delay of over two years…and yes at soul levels we lovingly agreed to give the process more time).

So then, we let go of all our old lives which related to the first phase of the ascension process, left any baggage behind, and for many, left family and loved ones behind who were still unwilling to open, expand, and leave any lower vibrating patterns and behaviors behind them as well.

The repositioning of the New Earth and those residing within her then began in earnest immediately after the separation occurred. Again, after the repositioning was fairly complete, the grounding process began to intensify and to occur in small but accelerating steps, and we are now well on our way. So although it may have felt that things were dead in the water, much was indeed occurring in order to support our very new foundation. We are beginning a very New Earth, and this New Earth, of course, needs a new foundation.

The solstice of December 21, 2009, then, was a pivotal player as it greatly supported our grounding into the New Earth. The New Earth is now, of course, being created by us, and in this way, we are being pulled in as the rightful stewards and creators we came to be. The new earth herself is now vibrating higher, so in this way, the higher energies are now arriving from within her, and of course, from within each and every one of us as well. The earth is the key, as are we.

So where are we now? Where are we now in this process and what can we expect in times to come?

It may feel very empty right now, with some kind of a dis-connect now present, but this is only because we are smack in the middle of the process of connecting to ourselves. The higher realms now, is very much within us, and this is the process we are currently undergoing. This is where we need to connect, in order to create our very new foundation. We are in the process of remembering who we are and why we are here on this earth. We are in the process of remembering what we came here to do and to be. And this process will unfold all on its own, as we ground more fully into the New Earth. From the bottom up, every cell in our bodies will slowly fill up with these soul memories, with no real effort required. This will occur now with more rapidity, as the earth has now come to rest in her true and rightful new position in the cosmos. Therefore, it is now time.

In a very strange way, we may feel as though we are going backwards, or rather back in time (and I am not referring to the current Mercury retrograde here, although Mercury is indeed supporting our process). What is occurring, is that we are re-connecting with our true and authentic selves. We are backing out of (and are almost done with this phase) anything and everything within us, that has to do with the first phase of the ascension process. Although this process of backing out, or backtracking into the souls we came to be before the first phase began, has been occurring for most of 2009, this particular stage is a bit different.

During most of 2009, we let go of our old roles for the most part. Currently, we are re-connecting to our new roles. The reason we are backing into them, or perhaps feeling that we have gone back in time, is because we now get to be the souls we came to be in the first place. This means that we are re-connecting to and remembering, as well as simply becoming, who we came to be as the souls who arrived to create the New Planet Earth. These soul memories and blueprints were very intact within us when we arrived, but the first phase of the ascension process created different roles, as our intent at that time was to raise the vibration and consciousness of the planet in order to lay a foundation and arena that would enable and allow us to create this very new Earth. We needed to create it in higher vibrating energy. So although our roles were primarily about raising the vibration of the planet, during the first phase, we did indeed attempt to fulfill our roles in regard to creating the New Earth as well. NOW, we get to focus on these original roles alone, as it is FINALLY time for our visions to manifest.

Currently feeling that we are going back in time may manifest as finding ourselves suddenly touching base with very old friends from the past, and even keeping those new connections, or at some times, just touching noses once again and then moving on. We are connecting with those who knew us when. We are connecting with those who can rekindle the soul plans that we arrived with before the first ascension phase began. We are re-aligning with these old energies within us in all ways before we move on into our very next phase of creation and experience. This experience of connecting to old friends again, actually began many months ago, but then we abruptly changed plans with the separation of the worlds, moved into a new space in the cosmos, and now we are resuming this process of starting over once again.

Another scenario is also present. For some of us, we are completing the last tendrils of our old soul scripts before we can move on into our Heaven on Earth. These old soul scripts could not be completed, as the first ascension phase interacted with so much darkness, that our plans went awry so to speak, the first ascension phase became more intense than we had anticipated, and some of us could not create or complete a part of our soul scripts that we came to experience. During that time, darkness seemed to rule the roost, and thus, the surrounding vibrations were not high enough to enable some of us to do what we came to do.

Now that there has occurred a separation of the worlds, we are very free and clear from the old experience of the prior ten years or so, and some of us can now continue on with little resistance, what we originally came to experience. Nothing really “went awry” anyway…there was simply a freedom of choice. This freedom of choice went one way, and we then decided that as the light, we would still continue on, but simply go another way and then be able to experience the reality that we were accustomed to in all ways. This is the new reality that most of us are currently residing in. And in order to lay its foundation and set the new blueprint in all ways, some of us are now finally able to complete what we came to experience in order to prepare the New Earth for this phase. Again, seemingly going back in time, but really only having this experience in a New World that will sustain it, where-as the old reality would not.

In this way, we are now living in a world that will eventually make sense to us once again.

Another scenario currently present has to do with re-structuring and forming the new at the bottom levels. In other words, we are laying a new foundation for ourselves, either by re-structuring our businesses, our homes, ourselves, or much else, in order that we create a very new foundation for ourselves. We are creating now from the ground up, and this is why so much thrust in now on grounding and residing deep within the New Earth. Re-structuring is the first phase, and this is occurring now. In this way, much will arrive for us right now in effortless ways if it has to do with this theme. Things are indeed being divinely orchestrated.

After we re-structure, we will then propagate from what we re-structured or from the new foundation we laid, creating more and more tendrils, and our own individual new reality will then grow. After our own reality and our soul purposes or heart’s desires are fairly evident, we will then connect to the same with our brothers and sisters and create a very new grid for the New Planet Earth.

Living from the heart will become the norm. We will come to know that our hearts are our best navigators and we will use them often. Our hearts have been opening for quite some time these past ten years, simply because the first phase of ascension has opened so much in our upper back and neck areas, allowing for the sprouting of our angel wings. But in recent times, our hearts have opened for other reasons as well.

Although some of us may have known about living from our hearts intellectually for quite some time (and some of us are better at this than others!), because of all the pain and suffering many of us have recently seen or experienced, our hearts have opened even more (before this, they may have “closed” from the experience of departing from the old reality and needing to separate from it and leave it behind!). Having an open heart and giving and receiving love is perhaps the only thing that felt good and right during these recently challenging times after we left the old reality, and we can now remember this well and access this space of higher level being and feeling with more ease. In addition, when anything feeling “good” occurs for us as well, our hearts again open and we may feel like crying and may become very emotional. Gratitude and an open heart are frequently by-products in times of great suffering and challenge.

In addition, many of us will experience the real knowing that our “perfect” partners have arrived for us, as they will hold the keys to a special and divine opening of our hearts. And when this happens for us, the experience of it and the tears of joy we shed are nothing less than other-worldly and heaven sent. It is all about hearts now…all about hearts.

In these ways, mental, analytical, and thought processes will slowly be replaced by heart and feeling processes. We may find connections that make absolutely no sense intellectually, but our hearts are saying otherwise. Music will guide the way, as it creates states of feeling and expression that by-pass our thoughts and minds. In this way, we may find that we suddenly cannot get enough music, or have intense desires to create things involving sound. (For example, I have been getting immense hits for several weeks to create audio books, as writing is my greatest form of expression and sound will take them to a new level.)

Creating will also be a main theme for 2010. We will find (and are already finding now), that if we turn around, we may see that we have indeed already created a piece of what we may have only dreamed about in times past. We simply may not notice what is right in front of us, as we may be choosing to focus on things that are “seemingly” wrong, as this is much of what we have known in recent times past.

Re-structuring and laying a new foundation means that we are setting up for things to arrive. So of course, this usually involves our finances as well. This has been a very long haul in regard to arriving in a very new space. We may be very gun shy when it comes to starting over again. What has worked for me so far, is to put out a simple desire in a very non-attached sort of way, and then watch it manifest. And you would not believe all that has manifested. Simple things that are not drastically important for us are great things to begin with. This practice is a good way to get back in the saddle once again and to place us in positions of power once again, and I believe that this is what many of us are needing right now.

Thinking positively and having hope are vitally important as well. We can choose to know that things will indeed be different now, as we are without exception the true and rightful creators of our own reality.

This grounding in process is also designed to create a new power and confidence within us. If ever so slowly, we can come to know that we can again be in charge, even if the past few years seemed otherwise. We may have also learned what it is that we may want to create. This is because we have grown and come very far in regard to what the first phase of ascension created within us…taking us to higher levels of what we may want to create.

Yes, we are indeed starting all over again. We are going back to the soul identities that we once embodied when we first arrived on this earth, as we are very done with the process of raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves. We can now leave the past behind and begin again with our original soul plans intact.

Some pitfalls?  As in the past, we all have free will and choice according to who we choose to be and what we choose to create. Fear and analytical thought can easily squash and can also determine what we create and experience. Also, when our new roles and contributions, or original soul identities begin to fill us up, with everything in the higher realms magnified, there can be a danger that they fill us up too much. This can create a posture of, “my thing is the only thing, and this is what everything should be about,” or also a predominant one now of a “don’t tell me what to do or believe” attitude, as when we begin to really express ourselves freely, we tend to want the freedom to do just that. Many of us are also tired of feeling like victims! But as we come to fully embody our original soul plans and purposes, we will also have an experience of being asked to contribute to a whole, as our piece will be highly visible to others.

So then, it can really help if we remind ourselves that our “piece” is simply only one piece, and it needs to fit in with many other pieces in order to create a whole. It will greatly help to acknowledge and revere the pieces that our brothers and sisters possess. For many years, I have seen this scenario unfold, and it only serves to dissolve any hope of creating a new reality, and most importantly, of ever having a chance to partner with anyone. In the beginning stages, this posturing may likely occur, as our new freedom of creation will be immense. But ultimately, we will need to come to realize that we do indeed need each other if we do not want to create absolutely everything by ourselves, and also, if we would like to have an experience that resides outside of our own individual groove and  awareness. But who knows? It is up to us, so really, anything goes and anything may occur.

We are in the space of a New World now. Let’s hope we do not create the challenges and darkness that existed in the world we just left behind…

In this New World, we can, of course, create anything we choose. We can create an individual reality all our own, that greatly reflects who we are and what is meaningful to us. In his way, we can come to know that we need not become alarmed about anything occurring in areas that are not in our so called “jurisdiction.”  There are many things that will be occurring in the old world very soon, but if we remember that we no longer reside there, we may gain some sense of security and comfort in knowing that what we are now creating, is very new and different, and very far from what is occurring there. As we gradually begin letting go of our fears from the past, and gradually get over being gun shy, our creating experiences and abilities will eventually become second-hand to us. This will most likely occur in an individual way first, before we eventually connect to others….starting from the “ground up” and then “propagating.”

Will there continue to be ups and downs? We are entering new territory, and ups and downs are usually part of the terrain. But again, who knows, because as always, it is up to us in regard to what happens. The main theme here now, is that WE are the ultimate creators. It is up to us in regard to what we create, and with whom. As I have written about so many times in the past, the combination of our energies will be what greatly contributes to moving the energies more quickly and intensely. When we come together, miracles indeed happen much more quickly, and this is when higher energies are regularly maintained as well. Because of the completion of the first ascension phase, WE are the ones holding the higher energies now, and when we combine these energies with the energies of another, we then create a new reality for ourselves. Add to this the fact that in the higher realms everything is magnified, and we now have an exciting recipe for “anything goes.”

As most of you are well aware, what you are reading here in no way needs to be your own reality and experience either. We have the new freedom now to create whatever it is we choose to create, and it is then, up to each and every one of us what wondrous realities we choose to create for ourselves.

As things begin progressing, if even ever so slowly from the bottom up, and as we come to see that we are indeed back at the helm, our very New World will then begin. All that lower leg, foot, and lower back pain that some of us experienced was simply in preparation for anchoring in to this new and exciting reality that will emerge ever so slowly from the ground up. Here’s to an exciting and miraculous 2010!

With much love and gratitude,

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