It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

For those of us who wish for a white Christmas, looks like we got our wish this year! It is absolutely beautiful out there on this wonderful Christmas Eve morning, as the first storm has passed and we wait for the second storm to blow in this evening.

Jeff and I met for a light supper of soup and a sandwich in a little sandwich joint in Shakopee last night, just as the storm was brewing. By the time we had finished our meal, our vehicles had a good inch of snow on them. From there, we went to visit his dad. His dad was feeling down, as he is lamenting not being in his own home for Christmas this year. We try to remind him of the good things going for him at The Gardens, and he does appreciate them, but in the same breath, he is sad. Understandable.

After leaving The Gardens, we went to our vehicles, which were once again covered with snow, and headed out for the 8 mile drive home. Talk about treacherous! Jeff wanted me to go first, so he could follow if I had problems. The biggest problem I faced was visibility, and once the car in front of me had turned off to a side road, my anxiety level rose quite a bit. At least I felt safe, with 4-wheel drive locked in, I was steady on the road… as long as I could see the road, which was the real problem. Since the snow was blowing quite strongly, the tracks on the road were mostly covered up. I welcomed the occasional car coming toward me, as it offered guidance on the road.

After arriving home, I could finally enjoy the weather. Of course, then “Mommy mode” kicked in, as I worried about the boys being out on the road. Around 10:30 I texted them to tell them to stay put wherever they were. Robbie texted back and said that he was shopping! And I consider him the one with common sense! lol Clint, of course, never answered back, but I know he is working long days right now, so he probably didn’t venture far last night. Probably.

As I stare out the window this morning, I see that the snow has already begun to pick up. Round two of the Christmas Storm of 2009 is beginning. Jeff has shoveled the deck and is now out to plow the driveway. He thinks this will be a three-plow day. I am going to upload a couple pictures from round one of this storm.

Merry Christmas Eve to each of you!

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