Leap of Faith

A high school classmate whom I’ve reacquainted with on Facebook asked a prayer group to pray for her Godchild, who is having surgery to correct a crossed eye, which may also be blind, and she also asked that we pray for one of her horses, who is also having vision issues and sees the doctor today. Being one who doesn’t believe in coincidences, I decided I needed to meditate on this.

So let’s take a look at the connections: two beings whom my friend loves very much, and both are having trouble seeing. My FB friend is concerned for both of them. I sense a fear of losing one’s sight and how that would affect our lives. The fear is that we would be restricted as we lose one of our five major senses. But with this thought of loss, what I am being told is that there is an opening as well. An opportunity to explore our higher senses, those not of the 3 dimensional world. And so we need to let go of that fear and be open to the next level of consciousness. It is the challenge for being able to truly see.

In yoga, we talk about taking a leap of faith. We do it when we are practicing difficult poses and want to move on to the next level. We assess the risks of if we fail or not, and then recognize we are ready to take that risk.

I think our spiritual journey is very much a leap of faith. We are constantly assessing where we want to go with it, we assess what happens if we fail, and then, when we are ready to either fail or succeed, we go for it. My own journey has taken this path many times. Start, stop, back up, start over, go a little farther, stop, assess, and so on…

I used to be an avid reader, and I always said that my biggest fear would be to lose my sight. Jeff hates reading, and I knew I would not be read to. And now they have books that are on tape, and so that takes care of my biggest concern. However, just as technology has improved so greatly, I find myself rarely reading an entire book cover to cover. It’s like my attention span cannot handle that much time reading. I have to wonder why that is. Is that my own natural tendency saying get your head out of the books and start living, or is it menopause that keeps my attention span so short? I really don’t know what it is, but I can say I have less fear of going blind.

I guess the lesson is that we learn to let go of those fears with a leap of faith, and there might be something much better just beyond those fears. In fact, I believe there IS something better…


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