Manifest Love

We are shaped by our thoughts: we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


I keep having this conversation with my husband, regarding our thoughts manifesting themselves. That is really what Buddha taught us so long ago. We are creating our own Earth. So we need to keep our thoughts pure so that we create joy. It’s that important.

Let’s look at an example. Our world is fastly advancing in technology. Look at what we are capable of today vs just five years ago. We used to laugh at the ideas that would float around about our future technologies, but we don’t anymore. We understand what we are capable of.

In the midst of all these changing technologies are changing lifestyles of two parents working, single parents, gay parents, etc. There has been a small but very vocal minority that have continued to cry out that things were better 50 years ago. In fact, haven’t we all “Liked” those Facebook pages that share all the stories from days gone by and then say, “Like this page if you agree”?

I mean, who doesn’t like the image of a nuclear family sitting down to dinner together and praying together, etc.? But what we are putting out to the Universe is that we want to go back to those times.

And the Universe responds: today we have politicians questioning whether a girl asked to be raped or not, whether a woman can even get pregnant if she is raped. We have people speaking out against gay relationships because they are not “normal.” We have people saying that the whole idea of marriage is to procreate.

We must understand that our thoughts are manifesting, and they are manifesting quickly. This is both a curse and a blessing. Make it a blessing and put good thoughts out into the world. Be a lover and not a hater. Accept others into your heart despite their perceived failings. It’s easy to fall victim to the mentality that some people are not worth loving. Especially in light of the Boston Bombings. But let’s be above that noise and send love to this young man whose own heart did not have love in it. He will never go free, he may even die for his punishment, but he is still a young man who seemed to be lacking loving guidance. There are too many people out there in that same circumstance. Let’s send them love as well.

We are manifesting our thoughts, so let’s make them good ones.

Peace and Love

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