Let Go Energy

Yesterday was a “good energy” day with a New Moon, but today the energy seems a bit more erratic. Perhaps its because Mercury is still retrograde.

So what do we do when we feel just a bit “off?” First of all, we remember to use our yoga breathing. That helps us move out of that “anxious” place to a more calm state.

Second, we repeat our mantras if we have one, or we make up a new one. Today’s energy is a reminder to let go, and so we can repeat to ourselves, “Let go, let go, let go.”

And third, we can remind ourselves during the day to stay in the present moment. We can’t change the past, so there is no reason to worry over it. We can’t predict the future, so there is no reason to get anxious over it. We can only control the present, and so we must remain in it. We can change the present and make it what or heart truly desires.

Shanti (Peace)

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