Letting Go to a Higher Power

Last night I did something that I often avoid because it is so painful: I went onto the Caring Bridge website to check up on the health of our friends who are suffering. It was a tearful 45 minutes, as I read the updates. I needed to clean out my profile. Three people had fully recovered, and that was a great feeling. Three people had passed, and that was difficult, as their family continues to use the Caring Bridge for their journey of healing. One account was deleted. But there were still several that are actively fighting their courageous battle. My tears went out to them and their families.

As I wrote earlier this week, when one asks themselves the question, “Is this is what I’ll die from?” life takes an interesting new direction. Our appreciation for everything we see, hear, taste, do, becomes more intense. We ask the deep questions, and we look deep to find the answers for ourselves.

Sad to say, we probably come the closest to our Highest Self during this most difficult time in our lives than we ever will again. And to be honest, it is a pretty euphoric experience. There is some peace that accompanies this feeling of just being, when we realize that we just cannot control every aspect of our lives, that there is a higher power than us who is with us on this Earth journey, and that we can just give the controls over to that higher power.

It’s no wonder that, when faced with our possible death, we start to remember our Soul self. Perhaps it’s part of the journey back home.

And then oftentimes we recover from our near death experience. And we vow to continue to stay in the presence of our higher self. And we maintain that presence for a long time. But then life starts to get back to normal, and we start to feel ourselves losing that wonderful perspective that we experienced during the trying days of our life.

How do we hold onto that feeling of giving up the controls to God? How do we not get caught up in the traps of human experience that sucked us into believing that we can control things? We need to surround ourselves with others who understand this connection with our Higher Self. We need a support system.

My women’s wellness business is all about offering women a place of support. A place to connect to our higher self. Our women’s circles offer us opportunities to bring our higher self into all aspects of our lives through the various topics we cover. Our yoga classes offer us opportunities to connect with our higher selves in our breathing exercises and during our final relaxation. In these opportunities. we learn that we can sustain that feeling of being in the presence of a higher power in our daily life: when we are stressed, we are reminded to take a deep breath, or five. We use our vision boards to help us set goals for all aspects of our lives. Feng shui teaches us to create supportive. flowing energy in our homes and lives. All of these opportunities are intended to remind us: let go, give up the control and be at peace, knowing there is a higher power than us who will guide us through life.

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