Living In Our Truth

I recall many years ago, I attended a private channeling session. It was my first session, and I was both excited and nervous about the outcome. After my loved ones from the other side had connected with me, and I heard the messages they had for me, the conversation turned to my finding my Truth. I literally had no idea what this meant, and I asked the channeler, “What is my Truth?” Her reply was that I needed to ask my Heart this question, because that is the only place I would find the answer.

And so I did. I asked and prayed on this daily, for months. “Please help me find my Truth,” I prayed. And yet I remained confused on what my Truth was.

Yet, in the reality of the world, things were changing for me. I was experiencing daily miracles, daily “ah-ha” moments. I was beginning the discovery of seeing God in the little things in life, and not just at church. I was asking my friends profund religious questions. I was feeling moved by Spirit.

And yet I continued to pray, “Please help me find my Truth.”

The truth is, my Truth found me, and the big bang moment never occurred, while the Truth slipped easily into my reality.

Maintaining our Truth in today’s world is the toughest part of our existence. Our world values thinking from our head, intelligence quotients are measured by abstract drawings, grades are assigned and bonuses are distributed based on the value of thinking from the head.

However, the Truth resides in our Heart. To live in our Truth, we must think from our hearts. Our heart is often in conflict with our head. The head wants to be analytical. It wants us to benefit from our thoughts in a way that our ego is stroked. On the flip side, the heart wants us to be compassionate. It wants us to benefit by bringing more love into the world and to ourselves.

In our yoga practice, we often think about our breathing opening up our hearts, making us more compassionate and inviting more love into our being and others’ beings. We open the front heart as well as the back Heart so we can take even MORE love into ourselves.

By opening the Heart, we come in closer contact with our Truth. We¬†experience daily miracles, daily “ah-ha” moments. We discover God in the little things in life, and not just at church. We ask profund religious questions that cannot be fully answered by just one religious train of thought. Living in our Truth, we are moved by Spirit.

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