Letting the Dust Settle

So I mentioned over the past couple days that I am working through releasing expectations. My anxiousness is finally settling down, as the dust begins to settle and I discover love underneath that anxiety.

In the outdoor yoga classes, with a lack of rain, on occasion we ge the wind blowing the dust from the gravel road out front our way. Our road is less traveled, and we have planted many trees to block the dust from the house, but if we get a southwest breeze, the dust makes its way toward the house and the outdoor yoga studio.

Let me describe the outdoor studio. The women face toward the house and a field. I have a very large flower garden that blocks most of the view of the house. There are seasonal flowers blooming at any given moment, and I add little touches like signs and bird houses to draw the eye into the garden. Beyond the garden is the field. This summer, there is corn growing in the field. Corn is my favorite plant growing there. From our hilltop view, we can see the rows until it gets really high. It is like a maze or labyrinth, asking us to wander in. The birds have nests in the trees above us, so they are busy tidying up their homes and carrying for their babies. Sometimes their rustling sounds like a deer coming through the woods. Oh, and yes, there are deer. We have seen them during class, as they wander along the perimeters, perhaps drawn in by the music.

So there is much beauty surrounding the outdoor studio, until a dust cloud rolls in from the road. I can watch it roll in. eventually it gets near the studio. It rarely overtakes the studio. We would need some very strong winds for that to happen. But it comes in, and there is a fine mist of brown which makes the beauty of our surroundings hazy for a few seconds. And then it clears. Only beauty is left in its place.

That’s how love works. When we are feeling anxious or upset or disappointed, we are in the dust cloud. We have to breathe, meditate, stay calm, just BE in the dust cloud, and wait for it to settle down, so we can feel love again. So we can let go of our frustrations. We must remember, nothing lasts forever. The dust will settle.

Last night, as Jeff and Clint headed out to go fishing and Robbie was working overtime and I was preparing for a yoga class outdoors, my attention was drawn to a dust cloud coming in. One of the yoginis had already arrived, and I made a comment that we don’t get the dust from the road coming in often, and it typically settles before getting to us. At that moment, I knew that the dust had settled in my own heart as well. All was good in the world again.


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