This weekend I met with a couple women to plan a retreat for this November in Playa del Carmen. I am so excited! The retreat plans are unfolding right now, but it promises to be a wonderfully life changing event. There will be yoga, of course, which is what I am offering for the week. There will also be circles and workshops. Laurie plays a huge role in the week plans, and she is planning to do readings and plan energy circles. We hope to take in an excursion and offer some other great amenities. It will be awesome!

Because the plans are still unfolding, I am not going to say too much about it, but I hope people can hold the dates. It looks like the week will lead up to both the New Moon of November 10 and the energy of November 11 (11-11-12). Laurie is working with the angels to plan her events. It is going to be so much fun!

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