Life Changes

Change. Such a difficult process. We all get set in our ways and routines, and then at some point, we are asked to make a change in that routine, and it is easy to say, “No.” We know that change will feel awkward. We will feel out of place. It might leave us feeling like we have lost some dignity, as we step outside our element. Change can make us feel resentful toward those who expect it from us.

And yet we always hear, “Change is good.”

During the transition of change, we need to recognize what is making us uncomfortable and name it. By naming it, we can figure out how to make that part of the change easier for ourselves. We can come up with a plan to ease into that part of the change.

During change, we need the support of others, and we need to recognize those who are willing and able to help us and not say no when they offer to help us. Change is a good time to see who is there for you. These are the people who will help you physically, mentally and emotionally through your period of change.

As we move through a period of change, we need to remember just why we are making this change. Is it to be healthier? Is it to be safer? Is it to be happier? ┬áIs it to decrease our stress load? Is it to offer us more opportunities? After all, we don’t make changes unless it is necessary, for most people, anyhow. So just what is it we will gain from this change? We need to identify these advantages.

To everyone making changes, we have to remind ourselves that change is good, and we need to look for our support system and say yes to their help.

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