Upon plugging into my computer this morning, I read in the headlines that the musician, Pink, had stopped her concert to comfort a little girl who was distressed because the two women she was with at the concert were fighting. Pink admonished the two women for fighting in front of the girl, and she proceeded to try to comfort the girl by giving her a toy frog that had some how managed to make it upon the stage.

I don’t really know Pink, I’ve heard her music and like her lyrics, but I don’t follow her closely, as many of my friends do. But I have a new respect for her, in this act of standing up for someone even though she wasn’t directly involved in the fight.

How many times have we been bystanders to a situation that seems inappropriate to us, and yet we don’t want to interfere because of privacy issues? It’s a tough call. We all appreciate our privacy. But when a person takes bad behavior, though not illegal, outside their own home, do we have the right to step forward?

I think we do. The little girl was obviously in distress, as it was reported she was crying, which is what caught Pink’s attention. And the women made a decision to not make their fight private, obvious to the crowd around them.

So the question is, would you do the same thing? Or would you pretend it is not going on? I have to admit, I’ve done both. I do think, when a child is concerned, that we should perhaps just diffuse the situation, if we can. Calm the adults down and hear them out, so they can get their feelings out without the raw emotion or physical interaction.

On my headline news page, it was reported that Paris Hilton tweeted about Pink’s response: “You use that moment with humor and adorableness to diffuse a situation” and coined a new term,┬ápinkalicious.

Is there a time in your life when you need to be more “pinkalicious?”

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