Living Our Personal Power

I was recently reading a friend of mine’s book, Emerging Energies, a Journey Within by Laurie Wondra. (You can order the book from Amazon through my website at In Chapter 8, she discusses living out loud. To live out loud, you must be in your own power. What is our power? It is action that comes fromĀ a place of love. To be in our power, we must be PRESENT. To be present, we can take some time just breathing deeply, focusing on the breath and clarity in our thoughts.

Living in our power means that we speak and act the words in our Hearts. We don’t let others’ voices drown us out. And we don’t drown out others’ voices, which is taking away their personal power. That is power abuse. As Laurie writes, power is a gift. It is meant to be used. Laurie says, “We utilize personal power without control and from a place of love.”

Today, take a few moments to breathe, and then try to maintain staying in the present. In our interactions with the world, let’s see if we can remain in our personal power by acting in a place of love without drowning out others’ voices.

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