What would your younger version of yourself think of you today?

This question was asked from a poster at a website I frequent, and it was alluded to in today’s daily inspiration, so it is my blog for today.

As a younger person, I believed in magic and miracles. As a young person, I talked with my pets and they talked back. As a young person, I remembered being in the womb and had other memories that couldn’t be explained because of my age.

I can recall the time in my life when these things were true, and I can remember when I was told that I couldn’t possibly know/hear/feel these things. I remember being ridiculed for sharing my experiences with my family and close friends.

So I stopped believing that I could do these things. I conformed. For many years. In my 30s, these things came back into my life and they almost destroyed my marriage. I had to learn to live with them, or suffer the health consequences that I was experiencing. So for many years, I was quiet in my exploration, in my rediscovery. But changes came about in my early 40s, and I was being pushed out of my current career by unknown forces. i just could not do it anymore, and I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle. So I quit that job in hopes that I would find something equally rewarding. Little did I know at that time, that I would end up where I am today, a women’s wellness consultant who teaches yoga.

I am right where that little girl expected to be. I am on my path that I once detoured from for many years. Don’t get me wrong, that was a great detour, and it led me to so many great friends and opportunities to know and love the children in my classroom. But I am now able to explore those things I remember from my past and see if there is a way to relearn the gifts I once had. If not relearn, then at least acknowledge them in my life.

That is all good.

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