Losing Control

Last night I went to an energy circle. There is a lot of energy movement going on right now, and many of us are feeling pulled into negative energy. Our thoughts have a hard time staying in the positive. We may feel like we are butting heads with others a lot. This is all the energy around us, and it soon will pass. Good thing.

At the circle, Archangel Michael made his presence. Michael can be called on when we are dealing with fear. One thing he channeled last night that stuck with me is that “you can’t lose control because you are never IN control.”

That is the energy we are fighting right now. We want to control things. We want others to see things the way we do, to be the same as us. We want them to take our advice. Etc. But that being-in-control feeling is a false sense of security. We all know, in a moment, that feeling can be shattered. An accident, an illness, the death of a loved one, all of these things remind us that we are not in control of things.

In yoga this week, we are working with the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the core of who we are, in our human form. It is our power center. It is the place where we feel the urge to be in control. Think about it: if we feel like we are losing control of something, where do we physically feel this loss/fear? In the belly. The solar plexus lies just below the rib cage, in the soft cavity about 2-4 inches above the belly button. That is where we feel fear and anger. That is our control center.

In our yoga practice, we work to balance out the solar plexus. Our breathing is the best exercise we can do for each chakra in our body. The inhale into the solar plexus reminds us to open ourselves to new ideas and the possibility that we may not know everything, and the exhale reminds us to hold onto our Truth, don’t give it up for another person’s beliefs. When we focus on the solar plexus, that attention takes our yoga work to those aspects of control or lack of control, which is often demonstrated as lack of self-esteem or confidence. Our warrior poses remind us to be strong, as we take our breath to them. Our lateral flexions remind us to bend to the possibilities, not be rigid in our thoughts. Our twists remind us to stretch our beliefs, to make room for the idea that there is more than what we know and we can expect to expand our learning each day. Our abdominal crunches remind us that, to be True to ourselves, we need to continually strengthen our core beliefs and values.

We might be feeling some angst or fear in the coming months. We might notice this in others as well. It is important that we include Archangel Michael in our prayers for bringing balance to our thoughts and our lives. Though we are not in control of the events around us, we ARE in control of our reactions to them. Remember to breathe, and go outside and be in nature as much as you can. Both of these tools can help us move through this next wave of energy with much more ease.

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