The Spirit of a Memory

“Memories are not images of loved ones returning to us. They are the spirits of loved ones visiting us.” The Book of Awakening

I once had someone close to me share an experience so personal and so intense, he had been afraid to share it with others. After his father had died, the Spirit of his father came to visit him frequently. At first, he didn’t know who was visiting him. There was a presence in the room while he lay in a state of in-between being awake and being asleep. This presence scared him. But over time, the presence became clearer and clearer. Then he realized it was his father. At first he wouldn’t talk to his father. He was afraid, this went against his beliefs. And yet, his father would reassure him that he was there for him because he was very concerned for him. He wanted him to be okay, since this boy had not adjusted well to his father’s passing.

Over time, he started talking with his father, and they had wonderful conversations. They discussed present day situations. It was a good relationship, and yet this person did not share his experience with others because no one else ever talked about being visited by Spirits, so he wondered if it wa all a dream. After all, it happened while he was lying down in bed.

The experiences ended when it was clear that the person was doing well in his life, and his family was doing well too. I was honored that this person shared his story with me.

I love these stories! In my family, all of us kids have been “visited” by our dad at least once. The last time my dad visited me, I introduced him to my husband.

I like the idea that memories are not images, but in fact, visits from our loved ones. In that way, I can actually feel PRESENT as I retrieve a memory from the PAST. Time is not linear, contrary to popular belief, and so melding the past and present is a gift to cherish.

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