Monday Mornings

I am having a Monday morning moment. I was gone all weekend, at a fun clebration for my niece at a cabin up north. We stayed up late both nights, talking and laughing and reminiscing. And then I slept on a softer bed with a really soft pillow. (Note to self: bring my pillow from home next time.) I didn’t sleep so hot the second night, and after driving for nearly five hours, I was exhausted last night. I took a short little rest around 5:00 last night, and then fell asleep around 10:30 last night.

Monday morning came around too soon. My brain is feeling a bit fuzzy this morning. I am looking forward to stretching out on the mat in about an hour. I know I will feel better, once I take to my mat. It is amazing to me how that happens each time. No matter what busy thoughts or dull moments I bring to my mat, it all fades away as soon as I start to move.

I try to share that feeling with those who share their mat time with me. I try to describe the experience I have while being on the mat, bringing more awareness to their mat time, as my intention.

That first yoga class of the week is usually the best one, as it offers focus for the rest of my week. What starts your week off in the best way?

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