Does God Serve Our Purpose Anymore?

Last night, I was watching a talk show in which they brought on a Quantum Physics scientist who asserted that, with the science out there, we don’t need to believe in God anymore. After all, science gets closer and closer to explaining the mysteries of the Universe. His basic premise was the theory that out of nothing, something can be produced. So you might have nothing in the Universe, but eventually two nothings collide, and now you have something. Now you have the beginning of creation. The ancient belief of God was needed to explain creation, but now, he asserts, we don’t need to believe that.

Thank God science can be wrong! (Here are some very important scientific theories that were eventually proven wrong) While scientists have been trying to solve the theory of creation for years, they still haven’t got it right. In fact, I have read books by other quantum physics scientists who have the data to prove there is a God, and its energy is found in our DNA.

So the question is, does God serve our purpose anymore? I say, yes! At times in my life, when I felt great despair over issues out of my control, I gave those issues up to God. As soon as I was ready to give up the controls, God stepped in and smoothed out the issues of my life. At times when I felt that I could not handle one more bit of bad news or bad health or bad company, God stepped in. In the biblical sense, there have been times that I have walked the proverbial shores with only one set of footprints in the sand, and I recognised those as God’s and not my own.

But God has not just been there in my darkest hours, though I admit that is when God is most recognizable to me. I felt the presence of God immediately when each of my children were born. The miracle of life, though explained in terms of an egg being fertilized by sperm, is more than just the science. How do I know? Because the element of love is inserted into the scientific equation. God is LOVE! Ask most parents about the love for their child, and you will get a similar answer: it is too deep to comprehend or put words to it. The love for our spouse or partner doesn’t really even come close, as it is such a different kind of love. Parental love is so basic, so instinctual. We see it in the natural world as much as in the human world.

And many of us can experience God when we step outdoors and are in nature. The beautiful triple rainbow, the harmony of bird song, the breeze after a storm has passed, all these remind us that there is something greater than what we imagine with our five senses. That is greater than the scientific terms applied to it. There is that other “sense” that we have, which scientists have not adequately explored.

And finally, there are many of us who have had experiences that tell us that God is among us. Who can explain the very young child who nearly dies and shares his story of sitting on God’s lap? I can personally attest to having spent time with my own guardian angels and with loved ones who have passed over. I know these experiences, and I didn’t make them up. I didn’t wish for them so hard that I imagined them. They came to me, unexpected. Unexplained. There is more to life that what the human eye can witness.

So I appreciate scientists working to prove creation’s story, but I think they are a long ways from discovering the truth of the matter. When they are finally able to accept the plausible belief in a Higher Power, I think all the doors of doubt will open up and the answers will be revealed.

What is God’s purpose in your life?

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