Women’s Circle

Last night we held a women’s circle at JSC. Our invited guest was Laurie Wondra, a very talented channel of angels, light beings, and others who have passed over to the other side. It was a wonderful evening, and I think everyone got a chance to hear from the their angels, loved ones, or the light beings.

When Laurie spoke with me, she shared the importance of the women’s circle, and that they would take on a new form in the coming months. I was glad to hear that, as I was beginning to look for a new format for the circle. She said it would be more of a sharing circle for women vs having a topic selected to discuss. I had been contemplating that change, as I was feeling like I was running out of topics of interest. Her Native American guide also told her that I would be building up curriculum for opening the heart this fall and winter in my yoga practice, and possibly in my circle work.

It was really fun to hear all the information that came to others. Most was very specific. Names, events, personalities… all to confirm that the loved one or angel was right there with us.

What was of interest to me were the questions that many had regarding their deceased loved ones knowing what is going on in their lives: Do they know my children? Are they happy on the other side? Do they get together with the other loved ones who have passed? These questions reminded me that this was a new experience for many people. They are not aware of the fact that our loved ones visit us regularly and know what is going on in our lives.

That is something that we will have to provide more opportunities for these women: the chance to feel the presence of their loved ones.

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