My Spiritual Journey

I am not sure where to begin the story of my spiritual journey. I was raised Catholic but felt that it restricted me from really knowing God, like my friends had a personal relationship with God through their religious upbringing. But even after I left the church, I carried around Catholic guilt for about ten years.

Around that time, I started to meet people who were very involved in the metaphysical world. Channelers and clairvoyants and so on. I was very drawn to this world, but also a bit fearful. It was so different than what I had been raised to believe.

At the same time, I started to develop my own intuitiveness and recognized that I also had gifts that allowed me to see the creator in everyone. I always thought others had these same gifts, but realized over time that, while everyone may have this ability, not everyone recognizes or chooses to tap into it.

My gift is that I can tap into others’ feelings and “see into their souls.” I often have the urge to call someone, not really knowing why, but when I call them, I’ll learn that they are having a bad day or are lacking self-confidence at that time and need a boost to remember their soul purpose.

I also have the gift of remembering my time in the womb. I am not sure how that will play out in my life, but I now know that I am pretty different from most people in that way. I guess time will tell if that is to become useful to me later in life.

If you met me, you would not know these things about me. I don’t stand out in a crowd. I enter people’s life “from the back door.” But before too long, we are having long discussions about all things spiritual. However, I have a very hard time connecting to religious fundamentalists. They are very closed off, spiritually, and I am not able to help open them to Spirit in a more loving way. I used to try, but I learned long ago that it was futile. If there was a way for me to figure out how to let more light into their lives without them feeling threatened by me or my own personal beliefs, I guess I would use that to spread more love into this world. Perhaps that is my destiny. Time will tell.

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