Spiritual Perspective on Abortion

Note, this is a very controversial subject, and I do not want my own views to cause anyone mental anguish. I am just speaking from my heart.

Years ago, I had been given information from my Spiritual Guides on abortion that helped me to understand and accept a person’s right to choose abortion or not. If I am asked, I would tell a person to consider other options, but I cannot make the decision for another woman. That is why I am pro-choice.

However, I was trying to reconcile at which point Spirit entered thebody. When the Soul took over. My Spiritual Guides told me that our Souls “live” forever. They move from body to body. So therefore, if a baby was being aborted, the Soul was not aborted, it just moved on.

It is so much more complicated than that, as there were “Soul contracts” that were agreed upon. For instance, we all have Soul contracts that we entered prior to our lifetime that we are currently enjoying. We have a mission to accomplish, in very simple terms, while here on Earth.

Taking this into consideration, we know that those aborted babies also had Soul contracts. They knew that they would not come to full term.They agreed upon that, as they had another purpose for entering the world, even for that short time. Perhaps it was to work with the mother or the family, working through their own spiritual crisis.

Along these lines, Some of you know that I recall my being in the womb with my twin. I recall it as feelings, not words. (I had no words for it at that time. I had not developed words yet.) These memories were from the later months of the pregnancy. The mystery for me is to try and figure out when my Soul, and my brother’s Soul, entered our mother’s body. I can’t say for sure, but I know it was there at the later stages of her pregnancy.

So this has been my experience. You can imagine my surprise when I came across this excerpt from another website. It fit so well with my own experiences, that I decided to post it here. I personally have not been through regressive therapy, but I would like to try it sometime.

************************************************************ ******************************

It is unfortunate that we as a society have not made greater strides in researching spiritual information, as we have in practically all areasof the physical realm, to assist us in resolving some of our more controversial social issues, such as abortion.

With that said, I will quote passages from the work of Dr. Michael Newton, PhD (a psychologist who has regressed subjects back to their lives between physical lives) that will help shed light on this topic. Case 29 is a subject under Dr. Newton’s deep hypnotic regressive technique, pp.267-268:

***************start of excerpt******************************

Case 29 continues by explaining the creative beauty of a soul joining with a new human being.

Dr. N [Dr. Newton]: Well, I’m glad, you arrive safe and sound in your new body. Tell me, how old is the baby?

S [Subject]: Five months have passed (since conception).

Dr. N: Is this your usual arrival time as far as the maturation of a child?

S: In my lives…I have arrived at different times…depending on the baby, the mother, and my life-to-be.

Dr. N: As a soul, are you in distress if the baby is aborted from the mother’s womb for any reason before full term?

S: We know if a baby is going to full term or not. Not being born comesas no surprise to us. We may be around to just comfort the child.

Dr. N: Well, if the child does not go to term, is your life assignment as a soul aborted as well?

S: No, there never was a full life assignment as far as that child was concerned.

Dr. N: Might some babies who are aborted never have souls?

S: That depends on how far along they are. The ones who die very early often don’t need us.

Dr. N: Assuming a baby is going to full term, do you know about the convergence habits of other souls with these children?

S: (offhandedly) Oh, some float around more than others, going in and out of the baby until birth because they get bored.

Note: This issue was as hotly debated in the past as it is today. During the thirteenth century, the Christian church found it necessary to establish guidelines for the existence of souls with regard to an aborted fetus. St. Thomas Aquinas and other medieval theologians arbitrarily decided ensoulment took place forty days after conception.

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